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Q&A with Mule Gallery Artist, Jim Krewson

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Amanda Durbin,

New York-based artist Jim Krewson learned the value of being an artist in grammar school by drawing naked women to avoid being beaten up by the local bullies. He is the most qualified erotic cake decorator in the U.S. (possibly the world) and has been a frequent illustrator for VICE. On Friday, June 1st, Mule Gallery will be hosting a party for his solo exhibition, The Littlest Daddy and Other Drawings.

I love your loud and lewd illustrations. What inspires you to create the images that you do?

My drawings, all my art really is just what I’d like to see that I don’t in most gallery type settings. It’s still informed by an 80s-90s kind of aesthetic that a small group of us shared. We were more interested in tripping balls than micro-dosing.

What’s your creative process like?

Draw whatever pops into my head no matter how profane, stupid, or funny. Then weed out the weaker stuff.

You include a lot of interesting faces in your drawings. Are they based off of real people you know?

Thank you, I just try to make them a little ugly. Not based on real people. And kind of generic like early 20th century illustration.

What are some of the best responses you’ve gotten about your illustrations? One of my favorites I heard from your opening was from a young woman walking out saying to her friend, “Well that was an eyeful!”

Oh I love that, yeah I’ve been repeating that to everyone. Another was on two separate occasions people said “that’s really stupid” in a complementary fashion. And I love that immediate impression. Of course, I don’t think they’re actually stupid. There’s a lot going on under the surface but I’m so sick of boring twee conceptual art that you need to read a book about before you can get into it. I’d rather watch YouTube.

When you’re not making art, what are you up to?

I play in a couple bands, drums and banjo, write songs, paint, and check out hot dudes.

Any fun projects for you coming up?

Yes, I’m working on a group collaborative project my friend Jonesy is doing in Los Angeles. We’re making vests based on the work of the legendary Swiss photographer Karlheinz Weinberger. And I’m airbrushing clothing in a collaboration with Judi Rosen for her boutique in NYC. Also assorted local music gigs.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your work in The Littlest Daddy and Other Drawings?

The style started as a coloring book insert in a 90s zine called Mommy And I Are One. I had a show of similar drawings in London in 2008 coinciding with the Frieze Fair and we set up a yurt outside the entrance of the fair. I played banjo and little English kids came in and colored the drawings. It was hilarious. They weren’t quite as dirty as the drawings in the Mule show but I’d say equally wacky.

You can find more of Jim’s work on Instagram.

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